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Welcome, I am excited to share my journey and teach women the fulfilling life of preparing meals from scratch, and the transformative process of homemaking that goes beyond the mundane tasks. While also sharing homeschool resources.

Homemade: The Art of From-Scratch Cooking

Crafting meals from scratch is not just about the end result, but about the experience. Join me in exploring the beauty of wholesome ingredients, the rhythm of preparation, and the satisfaction of nourishing your family from the heart of your kitchen. These days, cooking from scratch is viewed as something that is difficult, or time consuming. But honestly, once you get into a good rhythm, and get in some practice – it’s not as difficult as you would think. I have a passion for using clean – whole foods in my home. When you cook from scratch, you need way less ingredients, and you can save so much money. I love DIYing just about everything in my kitchen. If you can buy it from the store you can make it at home, is my motto. I’ll teach you how to make things like homemade condiments, or how to make your own hamburger buns. My goal is to help teach you these things because it has helped my family so much!

Homemaking: As a Mindful Art

Delve into the art of homemaking beyond mundane tasks. Explore the mindset that transforms a house into a home, the natural approaches to cleaning, and the joy of organizing spaces that reflect the warmth and love of your family. My goal is to make you fall in love with homemaking, and help you understand the importance of your role in your home. Homemaking is quite possibly one of the most rewarding jobs that you get to experience, and do daily. I believe it should be viewed as that, and not something that should be dreaded.

Homeschool: Freedom to Learn

I personally believe that all children learn differently. As homeschool parents, it is our job to nurture our children’s natural curiosity and cultivate a love for learning in our homes.

My goal here is to share curriculum’s made by other homeschool parents – to support them in their homeschool journey’s as well.

I will also share homeschool philosophies and other resources I find helpful.

Join me on this comprehensive exploration of a life centered around nurturing homes, and empowering women to embrace the richness of these intertwined aspects. Together, let’s build a foundation of wisdom, love and faith.

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About Taylor

Hi, my name is Taylor, the blogger of His Will Our Home. I find joy and purpose as a wife and mom to three beautiful children. My passions are crafting wholesome, home-cooked meals from scratch, taking care of my home, and the rewarding task of homeschooling my kids.

While our families dream is to settle down and homestead, life has led us on a unique adventure. My husband’s job has taken us to different countries like Finland, Argentina, Turkey, Israel, and Mexico. Through these experiences, I’ve gleaned valuable lessons, shaping me into the woman I am today.

Despite not being religious, I hold a steadfast biblical belief, and my mission is to embody the values the Father has set for me. My blog is a canvas where I share the intricacies of my life, from the nomadic chapters of global living to the daily rhythms of my home. I am driven by the desire to empower fellow mothers to be good stewards of their homes, and taking accountability for their families.

Join me on this adventure as I share the beauty of a biblical life and demonstrating what it means to be a modern-day biblical woman—from my home to yours.

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